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DSP Performance Monitoring with YourDSP

When running your own DSP, SSP or Exchange it is important to monitor the technical metrics of your demand partners. The faster your demand partners reply to an OpenRTB bid request the better performance you will have. Many times you may wonder “why doesn’t my demand win the bids? The bid is high enough, the creatives are approved and scanned and there is a good fit…” The answer may lay in timeouts or how long did it take for a demand source to reply to the request you sent.

Programmatic Demand Realtime Monitoring

To help monitor the performance of your programmatic demand partners, we introduced “Realtime stats” for your OpenRTB demand partners.

Programmatic Partners Monitoring and realtime stats

Now you can monitor and track your OpenRTB demand partners’ real time performance and technical indicators such as:

  • QPS or number of Requests sent to partner
  • Average response time
  • Responses with Errors
  • Timed out responses
  • Bids made
  • No-Bid responses
  • Impressions per minute
  • Revenue per minute

Manage Timeout and Response Times

One of the major reasons we see with out white label customers is not managing timeouts and response times correctly. Every OpenRTB request includes a parameter named tmax which indicates how much time does the demand partner have to respond to the request in milliseconds. While this parameter may vary, in our experience, it is a good practice to make sure the demand partner replies within 100ms to the request.

If the demand partner does not reply within the required time, YourDSP will reply with no-bid and will mark the request as timed out. Any reply after the timeout will be ignored.

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