Key Differences Between Self-Serve DSP vs. White Label DSP Solutions

Key Differences Between Self-Serve DSP vs. White Label DSP Solutions

With the rise of Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and various other buying platforms for programmatic ads, the tools and solutions available to advertisers today are both plentiful and can get confusing.

If you are in the AdTech industry and serious about boosting the profits of your brand, consider engaging with DSPs. With this post, we’ll break down the main differences between ad buying via Self-Serve DSP Solutions and the benefits of a White Label DSP Solution.

What are DSPs, and what are the Two Major Platforms?

DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) assist advertisers in inventory purchases and make it easy to manage the media buying process. The self-serve approach, for instance, increases efficiency due to the fact that less human interaction is involved. 

Ad placements can be purchased through various platforms, including display, video, and mobile.

Essentially, Self-Serve DSP Solutions and White Label DSP are based on the same technology and present their unique virtues and flaws, the White Label DSP, for example, provides a stronger position for the advertisers by creating a direct relationship with advertisers. 

Self-Serve DSP Solution vs. a White Label DSP Solution

Both of these platforms buy inventory through a bidding auction that runs in real-time. 

A self-serve DSP, however, is a SaaS platform designed for automatic buying. Here, advertisers bid for various impressions, whereby the highest bidder wins.

Self-serve is one of the easiest means of trading. The first step begins with uploading your creatives, adjusting the settings, and kicking off your campaign.

A White Label DSP, on the other hand, is simple but not entirely straightforward. Rather than signing up, White Label DSP solutions such as YourDSP provide a blank canvas allowing you to optimize and customize the platform to your brand style, look and feel. 

Instead of paying a monthly fee for a self-serve DSP which comes as SaaS, a white label DSP becomes your very own product. At the same time, you save thousands on development.

A White Label DSP Cuts Your Monthly Expenses by 10-30 Percent

Traditional Self-Serve DSP usually involves a setup fee and revenue sharing. While this model may seem appealing, it can quickly become quite costly when scaling up. In fact, it is estimated that every step in the RTB chain takes about 20%, when you cut the middleman you save tons of money.

A White Label DSP solution, on the other hand, will cut monthly expenses by 10-30 percent as customers only pay for what they need and scale up as their business grows.

A White Label DSP is Customizable

One of the key advantages of a white label DSP is the freedom to customize the look and feel of the platform to match your brand’s style. Now, this might not seem crucial but when you’re building a brand and want to maintain a brand style, you’re going to want to use a platform that allows you to have consistent colors, fonts, and logos across your digital channels.

A White Label DSP Delivers Full Transparency

A regular self serve demand-side platform is software to which only provides user access. This means that you can only advertise your own business or buy inventory for other companies as a media buyer. If you are an individual advertiser, that probably won’t be a major issue. But if you are planning to create your own advertising agency, it will significantly limit the growth of your new-minted business.

In short, A self serve DSP enables the creation of only one account per agency or per advertiser. A white label DSP solution such as YourDSP allows for the creation of multiple accounts, which can be given out to other advertisers and therefore let them trade ads on their own.

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TL;DR: Pros of running a white-label DSP solution
A white label DSP becomes your very own product. At the same time, you save thousands on development

  • A white label DSP is the freedom to customize
  • Save 10-30% by cutting out the middleman
  • Own your suppliers and get full transparency

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